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Weekend Photos

Our Labor Day weekend looked like this:








1. Yay for college football! Both Texas Tech & Texas came out on top in their games on Saturday!! We had to pass on our free tickets to the Texas game since Dave’s back won’t cooperate 😦

Get your guns up & or horns up for the next game this Saturday!!

2. Dave started early on Monday smoking beef ribs….one of his favorite things to do.

3. Scarlett L-O-V-E-S the backyard & relaxing under the trees!

4. Getting the table top ready for dinner with Dave!

5. Chalkboard paint for a little project in our kitchen 🙂

6. Ribs on the smoker, smelling so tasty!

7. Dave did a great job as usual….love the corn too!

How was your Labor Day?


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I love……

Being married to David Allen Watson

Our pooches, Abbey and Scarlett

My Family

Annie (niece #3)

Brandy, Janie, Gwen, Dad, J3, Ada Rose, Dave, Me, Annie & Ariel

Me, Grandma & Grandpa O.

My Alma Mater

Heart-shaped necklaces

Dave’s amazing cooking (Our Christmas Dinner)

Being silly with my lovable husband!!

Today, Valentine’s Day, our 1st married Valentine’s Day! It has been a great day that we both needed & I can’t wait to share more details soon. Although I post about so many small details of our day to day lives, LOVE is the most important thing to us and I’m so very thankful to have found someone to share LOVE with!!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day too 😀

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