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Weekend Photos

Our Labor Day weekend looked like this:








1. Yay for college football! Both Texas Tech & Texas came out on top in their games on Saturday!! We had to pass on our free tickets to the Texas game since Dave’s back won’t cooperate 😦

Get your guns up & or horns up for the next game this Saturday!!

2. Dave started early on Monday smoking beef ribs….one of his favorite things to do.

3. Scarlett L-O-V-E-S the backyard & relaxing under the trees!

4. Getting the table top ready for dinner with Dave!

5. Chalkboard paint for a little project in our kitchen 🙂

6. Ribs on the smoker, smelling so tasty!

7. Dave did a great job as usual….love the corn too!

How was your Labor Day?


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Weekend Photos….

1. Our “almost” new home, fingers crossed that we get all of the details worked out for an August closing!

2 & 3. Delicious beef ribs from Mueller’s BBQ

4. Basil infused lemonade pops (soak the basil in lemonade for an hour or two, pour into popsicle molds & freeze)

5. Our niece Annie who will soon be 4 yrs old, we met up in the tiny town of Coleman to deliver our oldest niece Ariel to   my sis for the summer

6. Our nephew Luke turned 1 on Saturday, his yummy cake from Ann’s Kitchen

7. Dave’s first shot at homemade lasagna was a homerun!

I’m being super lazy this week…..no complaints for getting a little summer break…..how’s your July so far?

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