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Weekend Photos

Our Labor Day weekend looked like this:








1. Yay for college football! Both Texas Tech & Texas came out on top in their games on Saturday!! We had to pass on our free tickets to the Texas game since Dave’s back won’t cooperate 😦

Get your guns up & or horns up for the next game this Saturday!!

2. Dave started early on Monday smoking beef ribs….one of his favorite things to do.

3. Scarlett L-O-V-E-S the backyard & relaxing under the trees!

4. Getting the table top ready for dinner with Dave!

5. Chalkboard paint for a little project in our kitchen 🙂

6. Ribs on the smoker, smelling so tasty!

7. Dave did a great job as usual….love the corn too!

How was your Labor Day?

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Weekend Photos….

Hope you had a splendid weekend! We moved, organized, cleaned & everything else involving saying Adios to our apartment and Howdy to our first house! Yippee! Can you tell I’m excited 🙂

No yummy food pics to post this time around….but a pic or two of our lovely new dining furniture which will soon be the spot where many amazing meals are shared!!! Yay for furniture shopping….







1. All cleaned out and ready for the next apt dwellers….Bye Bye apartment….memories were made here!

2. I spent some time organizing my embarrassingly large nail polish collection….wow

3. This is our new dining set & I can’t wait to style it up!

4. Dave worked awhile getting it all set up….he loves it!

5. Ta-Da! Next up, styling and wall decor!

6. A special shout out to Starbucks for getting us through the move and this crazy season of our lives!

What did you do over the weekend?

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Weekend Photos….

Let the home projects begin….

1. Blended up my new favorite smoothie to get my energy flowing for a long day of painting on Saturday.

2. & 3. Kitchen & Dining room went from funky salmon color to “Shiny Luster” a cross between white and gray

4. Living area went from granny gold to “Loft Space” a cross between blue and gray

5. Scarlett decided to dig a hole looking for cool mud, I thought she’d make a cute piece of art…..*no animals were harmed during (or after) this photo shoot

6. Delightful pear & ginger scented Method hand soap in this charming designed print by Orla Kiely @ Target.

We are enjoying our home renovations for now….I’m sure it will get old soon, it’s amazing what paint can do…next up recessed lighting! (We’ll be hiring out for that one!)

Hope you had a relaxing weekend, I’m jelly!

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Weekend Photos….

Such a productive weekend & many more in our future!

1. & 2. Dave & I celebrated our first home with Gwen on Friday
@ Max’s Wine Dive…we shared a bunch of yummy food (more on that later)
The fried chicken is some of the tastiest & love the collard greens, perfectly cooked!

3.  Our 1st visit to Home Depot as home owners….so domesticated!

4. & 5. We had a cute little picnic on our living room floor after watering the yard. Abbey & Scarlett LOVE the backyard!

6. Sunday, Bonnie stopped by for a tour of new abode & we went to lunch @ Sap’s (used to be Madam Mam’s but apparently divorce happened) this Thai soup was light and flavorful.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend….Happy Monday!




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Weekend Photos….

A surprise visit from my little brother turned our weekend of packing blahs into a great time!

We had to skip out/cancel on 4 different events with friends to keep our packing plan & moving budget on track, so I was expecting a bit of a lame weekend.

There’s nothing like last minute mini-vacay plans to turn things around…I’m thankful we were able to spend some time with my brother!!

1. Torchy’s Tacos Fix for Friday night’s dinner

2. Triple berry smoothie to gear us up for packing

3. Mr. Dave @ Doc’s on South Congress

4. 2 large, amazingly delicious pizzas from Home Slice, try the Italian Sausage w/garlic

5. Me & my little brother Juan…..I love him!

How’d you spend your weekend?

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Weekend photos….

This is a VERY busy season in our lives, which explains the 3 posts/week over pretty much the duration of having this blog…..I’d love to commit more time to this here hobby (like 4-5 posts/week)…we’ll see….I’m sure life is going to slow down soon (HA!) Here’s what we were up to this weekend…

1. Dave sprained his ankle on Wednesday playing basketball, first time EVER and now he gets to sport this lovely legwear!

2. Matinee to see “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” this bike was my FAVE, where can I get one? 2 thumbs up on the movie!

3. Scarlett, my little old lady, such a cute pose.

4. Moroccan chicken (made by Dave) with garlic couscous & roasted broccoli with bell peppers (made by moi)…so simple and TASTE-EEE

5. Celebrating Brandy Agee @ Clive Bar on Saturday….Happy Birthday my friend!

6. Sunday for lunch Dave made grilled chicken with fresh homemade basil pesto,  bacon, mixed greens & tomato on garlic sourdough…..YUM!

How’d you spend your weekend?

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Weekend Photos








1. 2. & 3. Justine’s
w/ Amanda, we laughed & learned how to eat steamed artichokes via google….classic! & it was
D-lish…..nevermind the 2 little ten year old girls who set at table next to us and knew EXACTLY how to eat these artichokes 🙂

Lillet cocktail w/ St. Germaine – mmmm

We shared the “Royale with Cheese” so flavorful & the fries!!

4. Paula’s havin a baby….snips & snails or sugar & spice…..time will tell (I think it’s a boy!)

5. & 6. Red’s Porch
w/ Dave & Bonnie for dinner & drinks…Red’s Fancy.

7. Pretty flowers from my Mr.

How was your weekend? Eat anywhere yum?

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