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Life Lately

OMG! Where does time go? I mean really…one minute you’re making summer plans & the next it’s ALMOST October. Geeeeeez. I can not complain though because hands down, October is my favorite month of the year!

All of that said…I’ve been missing this here blog thing and am forcing some attention this direction. It’s not that I don’t want to post, it’s that I look at the clock and it’s bed time waaay to soon after leaving work.

In between, there is owning a home and all the little projects we plan and create that receives our undivided attention ALMOST all of the time! For those of you who’ve asked and missed this little blog of ours, we say “Thank You” for reading and noticing our absence. Thank you for your patience and also for returning!

This is a little bit of our life lately…









1. Takin in some college football with some of my favorite girls! Texas Tech vs Texas State….Tech won!!

2. Chilaquiles (similar to Migas) @ High Ball w/ Brandy

3. My 1st terrarium (i didn’t create this one but I plan on it one day)….purchased @ Austin Flea from this vendor: Curious Botany

4. I planted these little guys in vintage tea cups from our wedding…perfect for the window sill….the succulents were grown in East Austin & purchased @ Whole Foods

5. Dave took this adorable photo of Abbey….Love her!

6. Chalkboard painted kitchen pantry door for love notes & menu plans!

7. Little owl knobs used on our freshly painted shutters….lovely little details

8. The Ah-mahi(zing) result of Dave’s fishing trip this past weekend…..fresh caught & cooked (by Dave!) black pepper cashew & cilantro crusted mahi-mahi topped with sautéed jalapeños, with grilled zucchini and portobello mushrooms with a light wine!

What’s going on in your busy world?

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Weekend Photos….

Let the home projects begin….

1. Blended up my new favorite smoothie to get my energy flowing for a long day of painting on Saturday.

2. & 3. Kitchen & Dining room went from funky salmon color to “Shiny Luster” a cross between white and gray

4. Living area went from granny gold to “Loft Space” a cross between blue and gray

5. Scarlett decided to dig a hole looking for cool mud, I thought she’d make a cute piece of art…..*no animals were harmed during (or after) this photo shoot

6. Delightful pear & ginger scented Method hand soap in this charming designed print by Orla Kiely @ Target.

We are enjoying our home renovations for now….I’m sure it will get old soon, it’s amazing what paint can do…next up recessed lighting! (We’ll be hiring out for that one!)

Hope you had a relaxing weekend, I’m jelly!

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So it begins….

……..the packing. The least exciting part of moving, however, we are looking forward to owning our 1st home!!!!


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Have you seen my?? (clutter)

It’s amazing what a little organizing can do for convenience. Over the past weekend I took a little time to go through my vanity drawer (seen below) and medicine cabinets (not photographed). It was time to get rid of some of the junk that builds up over time and I’m so pleased that I don’t have to dig through the clutter as I get ready each day. It also looks much more appealing  🙂


After:  I found these heavy plastic containers with compartments for $8-$13 each at The Container Store

I have a lot more organizing to do around the apartment, I will use this as my inspiration! Any suggestions or ideas on keeping the clutter to a minimum?

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Little inspirations….

Some of my most favorite things about life are “little”; the little things that inspire creativity whether it’s food, clothing, design, music, the list can go on and on and most importantly, the things that make you smile!

Here are a few “little” things that make me smile (& satisfied):

A dinner that Dave just “throws” together at a moments notice that tastes AMAZING!  I called this simple one “The 3 Little Pigs”, he prepared pork chops, bacon & chorizo as the entree. The side of white rice enhanced with fresh mushrooms was a great pairing with the pork. Last and never least, a fresh green salad!

An adorable and colorful scarf that I found (on sale) at Target, couldn’t believe they had Missoni left 😀

This delightful smelling Avocado & Mint candle (the packaging sold me) from Anthro

Some sparkly make-up from Victoria’s Secret to dress up any night on the town!

The finale of this “little” inspirations post is one of my favorite birthday gifts of the past, this “Retro Pets” framed print of an adorable Boston Terrier, a nod to my Scarlett! (Thanks Amanda):

Here’s my one and only, Scarlett:

Oh and speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is mine YAY another year wiser!

What “little” things inspire you?

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