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Best Of 2012


2012 has been many things:

From purchasing our 1st home, celebrating with family and friends, traveling, hitting our 1.5 year marriage learning curve; to eating some AMAZING food. Overall, I can’t complain, life is full of ups, downs, twists & turns….I absolutely love it & wouldn’t change mine for anything!

Have a Safe & Happy New Year as you ring in 2013!

Misty & Dave


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Almost 2 months!

Hello there! Loooooooong time no blog. Busy is an understatement to what’s been going on in our little world.

While away I’ve spent a little time reflecting on this here blog. I have so many things in my life to take seriously and I want this blog to be a little getaway from the “serious” things in life….you know marriage, work, house upkeep & remodel, etc. -LIFE!

With that being said, I don’t want to put any hard and fast rules on myself with this blog. I wanna just go with the flow, post whatever whenever. I’m not sure how often that will be but I’m sticking around :-). I hope you will too!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!


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