Weekend photos….

This is a VERY busy season in our lives, which explains the 3 posts/week over pretty much the duration of having this blog…..I’d love to commit more time to this here hobby (like 4-5 posts/week)…we’ll see….I’m sure life is going to slow down soon (HA!) Here’s what we were up to this weekend…

1. Dave sprained his ankle on Wednesday playing basketball, first time EVER and now he gets to sport this lovely legwear!

2. Matinee to see “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” this bike was my FAVE, where can I get one? 2 thumbs up on the movie!

3. Scarlett, my little old lady, such a cute pose.

4. Moroccan chicken (made by Dave) with garlic couscous & roasted broccoli with bell peppers (made by moi)…so simple and TASTE-EEE

5. Celebrating Brandy Agee @ Clive Bar on Saturday….Happy Birthday my friend!

6. Sunday for lunch Dave made grilled chicken with fresh homemade basil pesto,  bacon, mixed greens & tomato on garlic sourdough…..YUM!

How’d you spend your weekend?


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