Weekend Photos….

The weekend went like this….

1, 2 & 3. My Friend Denise is weeks away from having her baby boy so we celebrated! Katie played awesome hostess and created an adorable spread.

4. Dave grilled chicken with a side of Thai peanut sauce for dippin and I made a brussel sprout stir fry (using THIS recipe)

5. Sunday I played Auntie & went to the park and Chuck E Cheese with my MOL and 2 of my favorite nephews!

6. & Sunday was “National Ice Cream Day” so we stopped by Lick for a few scoops of ice cream….Dave had the Hill Country Honey & Vanilla Bean….I had one scoop of that & a scoop of Mexican Marigold with Blueberry Swirl in a cone….mmmmmmm!

Dave spent the day on Sunday supporting John Mueller and hoping for the best with his test results, thoughts & prayers….& Yummy BBQ!

How was your weekend? Did you any ice-cream?


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