Weekend Photos….New Orleans Style

Wow, where do I even begin…..food, food & more food! This was one of the most amazing times that Dave & I have shared together. Not only did we experience some of the best food that NOLA has to offer, we grew closer in our relationship….this to me is what it’s ALL about.

I will cover our trip over the next few posts,

otherwise this post will never end!

1 & 2. Acme Oyster House, Freshly Shucked Oysters

3. Chargrilled Oysters, oH-M-G

4. Hand rolled cigars

5 & 6. Happy Tourists

7. Cafe Au Lait & Beignets @ Cafe Beignet

8. Good music for wakin up to…

9. Sucre, full of gorgeous Macarons

in flavors like bananas foster, salted caramel & pistachio

10 & 11. Historical Cemetery founded it 1833


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