Weekend Photos….

This weekend went by in a hurry, that’s my only complaint. Dave was in a cooking mood and I need to plan a quick trip to Vegas!

Here’s some of our weekend….

1. Dave’s French inspired dish, here’s his FB description:

“Dinner tonight will be of french influence. A soulful, deep, and delicate Steak tartare topped with an aromatic and robust caviar. A delicious and decadent cream sauce over fettuccini with an arugula, spinach and basil salad topped with fig vinaigrette. Served with a light Champagne to accentuate and cleanse the palette.”

My favorite part was the pasta sauce, it was a vodka cream sauce with shallots, mmmmmmm!

2. We’re off to a slow start on house hunting…..what to do, what to do?? There are so many choices!

3. & 4. Tarka lunch date. Mirch Masala w/chicken – Medium Heat (as opposed to my usual, Tikka Masala) I was pleased! Dave had his usual Korma w/chicken – Hot….shared an order of garlic naan (our fave)

5. Caught a movie with Amanda, Snow White and the Huntsman, the movie did it’s job, the dark forest creeped me out and the enchanted forest was enticing…..so was the huntsman 🙂

6. After winning like 7 rounds of Mexican Bingo on Saturday night, I feel lucky and should hop on a plane to Vegas….

7. Juanita cooked her delicious authentic Mexican food, enchiladas suizas….YUM!

8. & 9. Sunday brunch is always welcome @ our home, I made egg, bacon & cheese biscuits….,paired with Bloody Mary’s by Dave.



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