Lunch date with the Mr.

Since our weekdays are so hectic making our evenings tiresome, Dave has requested weekly lunch dates for special one on one time & it’s been great.

Austin has these yummy little food trailers randomly strewn about and a new little yard of them has recently sprung up on North Lamar. We were rained out last week but today we got to try it 🙂

Most are quirky little trailers or airstreams….this bus served up some decent sandwiches worth blabbing about….


It’s called Snarky’s and I love their simple and clever menu….


Dave chose the Cuban with “oink” and I had the Banh Mi with “oink”, it had a nice kick and yummy balance of flavors….


We’ll definitely have to stop by again to try the gourmet donuts on the dessert menu. This section of food trailers is called North Austin Trailer Yard (The NATY) and there’s currently a total of 6 trailers, ranging from coffee to Asian food.

Tell me, do you have a favorite food trailer and where is it?


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