Weekend Photos….

This weekend revolved around food and catching up with friends! Saturday I met up with Monique and Bonnie at the Domain, we had a late lunch at Austin Cake Ball Kitchen & Bar.





1. Monique chose the Maryland style crab cakes & the red velvet chicken sliders. Yum on the first half and no thanks on the second.

2. Bonnie chose the roasted chicken with brussel sprouts, the best thing we had in my opinion. I had a salad not shown here, it was the cake ball cobb with red velvet chicken, no bueno. We shared so we were able to taste a variety.

3. I chose a salted caramel cake ball and took a red velvet home to Dave.

4. Monique and Bonnie chose the chocolate cake ball.

Saturday evening I met up with Dave and his old (no pun intended) roommate Chris at Brick House Tavern + Tap to watch the Spurs play….I went for food 🙂



1. I finally tried chicken & waffles and I’m looking forward to trying it again at other restaurants. The chicken was a little dry and the waffles (as you can see) were perfect! Chris had the fish & chips (super good) and Dave had a beef (of some sorts) smothered in cheese sandwich that was off limits for sharing 🙂

2. I am IN LOVE with the stainless mug that this delicious beverage was served in….MUST FIND @ least one! This drink is called the Moscow Mule made with ginger beer, vodka, fresh mint and lime. I think I found my new favorite drink!


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