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The Big Easy

Two restaurants I HIGHLY recommend in New Orleans….


(we made our way through the kitchen to exit the restaurant, I wanted to kiss the chef/s)

We tried Mr. B’s for lunch and I think I found my favorite savory dish in NOLA

Mr. B’s BBQ Shrimp

(just know that worcestershire and butter are 2 prominent ingredients)

They bib you up, so no holding back….dig in and enjoy the intense flavors in this dish….

I can’t wait to go back for more!

We also shared the Gumbo Ya-Ya & Crispy Fried Oysters….mmmmm

Love the presentation

& Dinner @ Award winning Commander’s Palace…need I say more.

We chose THE CHEF’S PLAYGROUND menu, here’s some of my faves from this 9 course meal

Veloute of Blue Crab (aka de-lish-us soup topped with caviar, um yeah)

Foie Gras “Du Monde” (the mini-beignets and cafe au lait made me fall in love)

Creole Bread Pudding Souffle “The Queen of Creole Desserts”

I die for this amazing-ness, especially the whiskey sauce topper

Now that I’ve made myself drool over this culinary magic….I leave you with this quote….

as I struggled physically & emotionally through this amazing meal at Commander’s Palace, Dave suggested:

“You have to submit to the food, allow yourself to respond in your on way!” (I love this man)

Happy Eats to All.


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Weekend Photos….New Orleans Style

Wow, where do I even begin…, food & more food! This was one of the most amazing times that Dave & I have shared together. Not only did we experience some of the best food that NOLA has to offer, we grew closer in our relationship….this to me is what it’s ALL about.

I will cover our trip over the next few posts,

otherwise this post will never end!

1 & 2. Acme Oyster House, Freshly Shucked Oysters

3. Chargrilled Oysters, oH-M-G

4. Hand rolled cigars

5 & 6. Happy Tourists

7. Cafe Au Lait & Beignets @ Cafe Beignet

8. Good music for wakin up to…

9. Sucre, full of gorgeous Macarons

in flavors like bananas foster, salted caramel & pistachio

10 & 11. Historical Cemetery founded it 1833

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1st Anniversary




Where does time go??? Our marriage is 1 year old today 06/25/2012…..what a great year it’s been….Here’s to many more amazing years!

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Off to celebrate…

Our 1st Anniversary… the Big Easy!! This is Dave’s first time. I’m so excited to experience the yummy food, drinks and all that NOLA has to offer…..Happy Weekend!!


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Fashion’s Fun—Ombre pink!

I’ve been in love with ombre (the graduation in color, not the European card game) for a couple of years and it seems to be on the fashion forefront and other places too.  I want to DIY ombre some clothing at some point soon! Until then, I give you my pink rendition of ombre:

hyacinths smell AMAZING!

unique earrings, from Urban Outfitters

my sad little attempt at an ombre manicure

Are you a fan?

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Weekend Photos…








1. Shiitake mushrooms

2. Above applied with fresh basil, vodka
sauce with Italian sausage (recipe to

3. We’re growin up…..we finally have a
real bed!

4. A new do and a couple things for our
upcoming anniversary trip 🙂

5. Our second Gospel Brunch, Dave’s
the best at the music selection!

6. Golden finds – tomatoes, raspberries
nail tips.

How’d you spend your weekend?

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Hey Dad!


I’m so thankful to have my loving father in my life.

He’s always there for me and more than I could ask for.

Thank You Dad, xoxo!

& Happy Father’s Day to all the pops out there.


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