April showers bring May flowers

I wish we were getting rain and also that I had a blooming garden full of gorgeous flowers….instead I crafted up a little “Cinco de Mayo” inspired flower garland to hang above our doorway. These are the fake kind that need zero care and live forever…the garland makes me smile & crave a chilled Mexican Martini….mmmmmm!

Salt or No Salt?

First, gather your supplies….a variety of colorful silk flowers, hot glue gun, spool of colorful cord & wire cutters

Take the flowers off of the stems…..using the wire cutters, cut off the plastic edge that held the flower onto the stem so that you have a flatter surface to add the glue, begin randomly gluing the flowers in bunches of 3 onto the cord…..glue as many as you like until the garland is the length that you want

Then find a place to hang your festive garland!  I chose our outside doorway,

Poor Dave has to duck under it to avoid knocking it down :/

the garland was a bit bare and I was out of flowers so I added a strand of hot pink streamer!

Hope you have a festive Cinco de Mayo!


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