Happy Earth Day!

This day is impossible to ignore….especially living in a green place like Austin; not that I’d want to ignore it or anything.

A few “earth friendly” steps I take:

1. Turn off the water while brushing my teeth vs. allowing it to run the entire time to conserve water.

2. Using reusable bags at the store, just throw a few in the back seat or trunk. Some stores give discounts if you bring your own bag 🙂

3. Recycle plastic, paper, aluminum….luckily our complex provides a place at the “trash center” to recycle these items, making it easier.

4. Recycle gift wrapping and make your own with items from around the house, this is my favorite one!

5. All of our bills are online, we’ve gone paperless so we receive everything via email and we set up bill-pay through our bank!

These are the daily “earth friendly” efforts that have become habit now in my world. My next goal is to buy more items in bulk, first I need to make some space 🙂

Here are a few websites I’ve found with earth friendly ideas:

50 Actions You Can Take Today

Earth Day Crafts & Projects

Living Locurto

How green are you? Now excuse me while I go and hug a tree 🙂

Happy Earth Day!


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