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Blog Brag

Just a quick must brag on my sister-in-law, Heather, she is so very talented in many ways.

She sent pics of these adorable cupcakes that she made for her oldest son’s school carnival.

So creative, don’t you just love them?

Trust me, there will be more blog bragging on her, I can guarantee 🙂


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Go Here…..

Get these…..

Lemon Creme Almonds…..

Oh.M.Goodness…..they taste like lemon cupcakes with an almond crunch 🙂


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Weekend Photos….

This weekend was a busy one….we like it like that….it included our 1st Crawfish Boil of the season! Dave’s co-worker, Jack hosts an annual boil and it was full of spicy Cajun food…..mmmmmmmm


Mud-bugs & fixins

Sangria in full affect 😉

The Mister

The Misty

This little lady was stylish….colored denim

And of course there was a mini project thrown into the mix of our weekend….inspired by chocolate covered cheerios sold @ Trader Joes

(P.S. Austin is getting one!!!)

So simple to make, just dip em in your favorite topping~ powdered sugar, choc. of choice, top with sprinkles to add some color….but beware, it’s a little time consuming.

I served them as party favors for Dave’s 30th b-day brunch with the family on Sunday…they were a hit with the kiddos!

Brunch was yummy ~ Jack Allen’s Kitchen

These silver dollar pancakes were on the top of the list

Heather & Co.

Kim & Dave

It’s always nice to get together

Hope your weekend was SWELL!

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Happy Earth Day!

This day is impossible to ignore….especially living in a green place like Austin; not that I’d want to ignore it or anything.

A few “earth friendly” steps I take:

1. Turn off the water while brushing my teeth vs. allowing it to run the entire time to conserve water.

2. Using reusable bags at the store, just throw a few in the back seat or trunk. Some stores give discounts if you bring your own bag 🙂

3. Recycle plastic, paper, aluminum….luckily our complex provides a place at the “trash center” to recycle these items, making it easier.

4. Recycle gift wrapping and make your own with items from around the house, this is my favorite one!

5. All of our bills are online, we’ve gone paperless so we receive everything via email and we set up bill-pay through our bank!

These are the daily “earth friendly” efforts that have become habit now in my world. My next goal is to buy more items in bulk, first I need to make some space 🙂

Here are a few websites I’ve found with earth friendly ideas:

50 Actions You Can Take Today

Earth Day Crafts & Projects

Living Locurto

How green are you? Now excuse me while I go and hug a tree 🙂

Happy Earth Day!

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Fashion’s Fun

I’m lovin this colored denim fashion phase…’s so hard not to pick up a pair in every color since I’m seeing them in all shades of the rainbow both brights & pastels….geeeeeez!  I settled on 3 shades…..let’s see if I can have some self control the next time I fall in love :/  (*note- these weren’t all purchased at the same time, I like to spread my fashion fun)

Old Navy for blue, Zara for neon yellow and red (ranging from $19 – $35)

dress ’em up   dress ’em down 

little wrinkled….

have you fallen for this fashion trend?? Be careful, it’s a good one 😉


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I say avocado….

Ok, so I’ve seen pics of different recipes of “eggvocado”, eggs baked in avocados, etc, etc.  I stay on the lookout for new ways to prepare one of my most treasured fruits (yes it is!) AVOCADO….I took a shot at avocado baked eggs and it was most satisfactory….will eat again fo-sho!


1 avocado (1 half is plenty per serving)

2 eggs

salt & pepper

shredded cheddar cheese

breakfast sausage (browned & drained)

Preheat oven 425-450 degrees. Cut avocado in half, remove seed, cut hole in avocado larger in order to prevent egg from overflowing. Crack egg into avocado add desired salt & pepper, place in small baking dish side by side. Bake until just before desired consistency (at least 10 minutes), top with cheese and sausage, return to oven for a few minutes until cheese is melted. Enjoy this protein enriched dish for breakfast, brunch or brinner!

Let me know what you think, would you try this?

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You say tomato….

This recipe has become one of my top favorites of Dave’s…’s amazing with pasta and with or without meat….sometimes I consider eating the sauce by itself…..out of a bowl…..with no utensils 😉 mmmmmmm


10-12 tomatoes on the vine (cut in half)

2 fresh basil bunches

4  sprigs fresh oregano

4 star anise

2 pinches of dried basil

2 pinches of dried parsley

2 bay leaves

6 garlic cloves (roughly chopped)

1 vanilla bean (sliced open)

salt & pepper

olive oil

sugar to taste (if tomatoes too acidic)

vinegar to taste (if tomatoes too sweet)

Pasta water (save from cooked pasta)

Coat non-stick skillet with olive oil, heat to medium/high heat, place tomatoes in skillet face down, cook until softened, about 6-7 minutes. Once tomatoes are softened press down to help release liquids, add remaining tomatoes if necessary, repeat. Stir sauce as needed. Reduce heat to low simmer add all remaining ingredients except the garlic and basil. Simmer for about an hour until reduced by half, add the garlic, continue to simmer for about 30-45 minutes until reduced by half. Add olive oil and pasta water as needed for desired thickness. Add fresh basil, continue to simmer 5-10 minutes. Serve over pasta of choice.

*Note- For maximum flavor, prepare sauce the day before serving & my oh my ENJOY!!!

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