Spring Break Weekend Photos….

All good things must come to an end, including Spring Break…..Overall, it was a good one and I’m very thankful to work for at a place that offers this long holiday 😀

So the name of the band we saw Saturday (see previous post, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”) is called Mike Burns . They were fun to listen to & some of the songs sorda remind me of Damien Rice…they play this Saturday at Hotel Vegas,

You should go!

So during SXSW we saw another band, on Friday….you may have heard of them, The Counting Crows! They are amazingly talented, I would’ve paid to see them and this 2 hour outdoor show was FREE!!! The only way to do SXSW.

Ariel, our niece went with us….

Dave had fun grossing her out with his food on a stick!

It tastes like chicken….

We ended our weekend with a Sunday drive and a few stops

Miss Abbey in action

& one of Dave’s favorite past-times

The brisket was the best!

Some pretty wildflowers to brighten up our dining table, don’t worry we didn’t pick any bluebonnets!

Farewell Spring Break 2012 XOXO


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