Weekend photos….

yummy food + new hair cut + new truck + dinner with family + hangin w/friends + Bull Creek w/ Abbey & Scarlett

= Happy & Busy Weekend

Dave made this deliciousness on Friday

I got this hair cut by Emily @ Path Salon

Dave said “Good-bye” to this truck….

& “HELLOOOOO” to this truck

Soooooo happy!!!

On our way to dinner @ Satay with the family!

Thai Dumplings @ dinner

Seafood Medley

Silk Thai Chocolate Pie (like my rhyme)

Gibson with Lindsey & Amanda (I’m not wearing a TV headband)

Cold beverage anyone??

Bull Creek w/ Dave, Abbey & Scarlett


& my favorite weekend photo….wild green onions grow out at Bull Creek, so very random 😉

& Scarlett rolled around in them 😀

HOpe yOu enjOyed this extra LOng pOst!!! xOxO



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4 responses to “Weekend photos….

  1. Jen Ben

    Yay!! Very eventful weekend for you and Dave! I can’t wait to see the new ride, congratulations!!!

    • Thanks!! It’s lovely and I just finished driving it 😀 I’m excited to come to SA….although it will most likely not be in the new ride unless I find one of my own….ttyl

  2. Jen Ben

    Random…why does the time on my post show 4:40am?? I am not that crazy…

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