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Someone’s turning 30!

      We’re headed to the coast for some surf fishing to celebrate Dave’s 30th!!!


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Pot ‘O Beans

One of the simplest dishes to make is a “pot o beans”, as my dad would call it and I’ve NEVER made any….til now. Last summer Dave made his best version yet of a pot o beans.  I’ve been craving them so much that I decided to make them the way Dave did last summer.  They were pretty decent for my first time ’round.

See below for the general recipe, I can’t share all of Dave’s secrets 😉

I’d love any tips on styling a bowl of beans for presentation….I could’ve at least topped them with some fresh tomatoes to brighten it up….next time 🙂

Dave’s Pot ‘O Beans Recipe:


1 lb. bag of pinto beans

1 smoked turkey leg for flavor (the grocery store should have them pre-cooked)

1 handful of fresh cilantro

1/2 yellow onion chopped

1 poblano pepper chopped & de-seeded

2 jalapeno peppers (whole-less spicy, cut up-extra spicy)

2 dried bay leaves

add the following to your liking:

salt, pepper, chopped garlic, pinto bean seasoning

& other various herbs & spices for depth of flavor and heat

In a large bowl, soak the beans in water (overnight for about 5-6 hr cooking time the next day). When ready to cook beans, chop vegetables and drain beans. Place in a large crockpot with smoked turkey leg, chopped veggies, herbs & spices. Fill crockpot with water, about 2 inches over the beans. Cook on high for about 3 hours and then on low for about 3 hours. Stir as needed. Add water and extra spices as needed.

Serve alone with yummy bread of choice or as a side with your favorite entree!


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Weekend Photos….



1. Brightly colored confetti eggs just waiting to be cracked on noggins 😉

& golden plastic eggs, too cute to pass up

2. Beef & cheese quesadillas made with corn tortillas, topped with fresh avacado

& roasted hot sauce…made by Mr. David Watson, OH-SO-GOOD!

3. My “Welcome Spring” outfit…

4. Ika Yaki  (fresh squid, Korean pepper, green apple, sorrel & red curry)

    Dave‘s personal favorite dish (so far) from UCHIKO

5. Red Velvet cupcake & John Lemon cupcake from HEY CUPCAKE!

6. Sunbathing @ Lake Travis (the weather has been awesomely in the 80’s)

7. My new favorite ring, a cowboy hat…so Texas 😉

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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Jolly Lolly on a Sunday afternoon!

As we were headed out to Lake Travis today we saw this cute little stand selling lolly pops on 360 and I had to see what it was about.


Sure enough this clever high schooler, Adara is raising $ to take her business of selling these lollys to SoCo.





Jolly-Lolly (click if you want to place an order) is the catchy name, I tried the Violet Crown (orange, strawberry & grape) this one is named after a local Austin movie theater……the flavor combo—tasty!

Best of luck to Adara, we hope to see your lollys selling on South Congress someday soon!


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Our first time

Finally!…..we were able to experience Uchiko! It was incredibly delicious (many thanks to some of Dave’s colleagues)

As a “foodie in training” I’m lacking in the fancy verbage to describe these excellent (see what I mean) dishes! Dave might need to follow up with descriptions for this amazing meal/experience we enjoyed. For now, I have pics we took, one word descriptions and a menu description….I hope this inspires you!

Some of our favorites (so far) include:

ham & eggs katsu pork belly, yolk custard, espelette         


hamachi japanese yellowtail, pickled green apple, jalapeño


shime saba cured norwegian mackerel, tomato, truffle, basil


jar jar duck smoked and confited duck, super-crunchy duck cracklings, sweet kumquat confit and pickled endives

worth every penny

this last dish is on Food & Wine’s  Top 10 Restaurant Dishes of 2011 list….and yes that’s smoke rising out of the jar….out of this world amazing (I’ve heard Dave say that quite a bit actually).  Unfortunately, Top Chef Texas, Paul Qui was not running around sweating in the kitchen, something tells me he’s paid his dues….better luck next time right?

We will go back for more and I challenge you to take this food journey…..once you start it’s the point of no return 😉  Happy Eating!!

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Spring Break Weekend Photos….

All good things must come to an end, including Spring Break…..Overall, it was a good one and I’m very thankful to work for at a place that offers this long holiday 😀

So the name of the band we saw Saturday (see previous post, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”) is called Mike Burns . They were fun to listen to & some of the songs sorda remind me of Damien Rice…they play this Saturday at Hotel Vegas,

You should go!

So during SXSW we saw another band, on Friday….you may have heard of them, The Counting Crows! They are amazingly talented, I would’ve paid to see them and this 2 hour outdoor show was FREE!!! The only way to do SXSW.

Ariel, our niece went with us….

Dave had fun grossing her out with his food on a stick!

It tastes like chicken….

We ended our weekend with a Sunday drive and a few stops

Miss Abbey in action

& one of Dave’s favorite past-times

The brisket was the best!

Some pretty wildflowers to brighten up our dining table, don’t worry we didn’t pick any bluebonnets!

Farewell Spring Break 2012 XOXO

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I didn’t find a 4 leaf clover but I did find some live music, friend’s, beer & as always, food!

Me & Miss Brandy @ a SXSW party in East Austin

Mr. & Mrs. Watson

The Band, I’m so awful, I don’t remember their name…they were good….will update once I recall or am reminded :/

I do know the talented gal playing the violin, that’s Kristen!

Lion And Rose

Fish n Chips

Fried onions with spicy dipping sauce

Bangers & Mash (sausage & mashed potatoes)

Fun St. Patty’s Day socks

How was your St. Patrick’s Day?

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