Dry Roasted Edamame, so good & healthy too!

I always get these at TJ Maxx, random, I know 🙂

It was the cute packaging that got me on this, “Made In Japan” Gum….

Adorable, found ’em on the “Asian” isle at HEB

Last and most tasty…..

Once again, I’m a sucker for packaging, especially itty bitty sizes and this is the perfect amount

$1 each at HEB and there are assorted flavors, this one wins in my book!

Yes, those are chunks of peanut butter…..mmmmmm

They even give you a tiny spoon…..I haven’t used one yet, I need bigger bites 😉




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3 responses to “FUN EATS!!!

  1. cookiemomma

    We dont have any of this stuff local! 😦

  2. dave

    I want to eat that ice cream without a spoon.

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