Weekend photos…..

This weekend went by so quickly. Friday, not too much to report….Saturday, my bestie Bonnie was in town on her home/apt. search for her return to Austin, coming soon 😀 We had lunch here:

So delicious…..Bonnie enjoyed her first visit to Tarka and had the chicken Biryanis with veggies and I had my usual, Tikka Masala with chicken and garlic naan……we were too busy eating and chatting to take pics. We drove around rainy Austin getting pricing and checking out apartments so Bonnie can make her decision before her big move!! So excited and can’t wait to have my best friend back in Austin 😀

Sunday was a gorgeous day outside so Dave and I took the pooches for a walk and fed the duckies at the Aboretum fountain…..poor Abbey really wanted to dive into the water and chase after the ducks!

P.S.  I made Dave tie his jacket around his waist….I was in a 90’s mood!!

Pho lunch (haaahaaa, pun intended), we tried out this new Vietnamese Restaurant for Pho…..sooooo good, we will go again to try other new dishes:

For dinner I was craving bacon, yes, bacon! So…..here’s what I served up, it’s quick, easy and kinda girly (says Dave) but TASTY! See my quick recipe listed below.

Avocado & Bacon Farfalle


6-8 slices bacon (chopped & browned)

2 large avocados (sliced into chunks)

2 c bowtie pasta (cooked al dente, makes 4 c)

1 c basil (picked fresh)

1/3 c scallions (chopped, quick sear)

3 cloves garlic (chopped, quick sear)

2 T lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

1 T olive oil

Fresh shredded parmesan (as much as ya like)

Fresh cracked pepper (as much as ya like)

Toss altogether and enjoy, makes about 4 servings!

How’d your weekend go??


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