V-Day recap

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, our Valentine’s Day was a good one! We were able to relax and enjoy our time together. Dave always says how much Valentine’s Day is such a woman’s day so I wanted to make it extra special (& also cheesy 😀 ) for him.

I wrote little love notes and posted them in various places in our apt, at Dave’s eye-level of course

I wasn’t sure what to get Dave until I remembered our plans to go fishing on the coast in March for his birthday, so…..he stumbled upon this in his truck on Valentine’s Day morning and his vote’s in…..2 thumbs UP 😀 (it’s a tackle box with some tackle)

I really enjoyed creating the love notes and surprising Dave!

OOOOOHHHH WAIT!  I almost forgot the funniest part of the surprise….so Dave recently purchased some new hiking boots and decided he wanted some different laces for them, so I found a pair for him and made a cheesy note to go with it, BUT

………Abbey (this girl)

got her paws on his laces and chewed them up 😦 we think she was jealous because she’s all “tied” up in Dave’s love and that’s the only way she wants it……but she’s so cute so we laughed it off (the laces were like 2 bucks) and we will just have to get him another pair and keep them out of her sight.

David was very sweet to me and came by my office to surprise me with a unique arrangement of flowers….not the usual rose!

We ended our V-day with a lovely antipasto spread and took some silly pics goofing around…..

thanks for stopping by to visit our blog!!-xoxo






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4 responses to “V-Day recap

  1. Jen Ben

    Cute notes! That’s a sweet idea! 🙂

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