Happy Birthday Dear Gwen, Tyler, Becca, Ethan, Lydia, Moi, Brian, Monique, Olga & anyone else I could’ve possibly missed….Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I celebrated birthdays pretty much the entire month of January! It was a great time and always makes the first month of the year fly by. Here’s a summary and pics of some of the birthday celebrations.

First up, on 1/2/12 was Gwen (mom-in-law) and Tyler’s (a great friend) birthday. We celebrated with Gwen at Fuddrucker’s with Mike, Heather and their 3 boys.  I was getting over bronchitis and didn’t think to take any pics. We had a good time and Gwen loved her beautiful flowers and framed photo! As for Tyler, we didn’t get to celebrate together since she lives in Dallas but we wished her a Happy Birthday!

Next up on 1/4/12 was Becca’s (another good friend) and she lives in Lubbock, so we wished her a Happy Birthday too!

I have to mention that 1/5/12 was Tyler and Blake’s anniversary.

Lydia (best friend Bonnie’s mom) and Ethan (one of our nephews) had a birthday on 1/11/12. We wished Lydia a Happy Birthday, she lives in Del Rio! Heather and Mike threw Ethan an awesome “Car’s” themed party equipped with a retro slotcar racing track.

Here’s the adorable & delicious, made from scratch cake Heather created for Ethan:

Some of the party guests playing with the cars:

The birthday boy blowing out his candles (sorry about the blur):

Then there was my birthday on 1/12/12, we celebrated at Parkside Restaurant. We started with a tasty drink and some oysters:

I had the wreckfish for my entree, sadly the fish was WAAAAY over cooked (and Dave’s scallops too 😦 ….I wasn’t in the mood to complain, everything else was very good, like this mac & cheese with gruyere and cheddar:

Me & Bonnie

Monique & Lenard

Heather & Mike

Jen, Me & Nick

Brandy & Frederick

Me, Olga & Dave

We listened to live music around the corner at One 2 One

Next it was Brian (my bestie in Lubbock) and Monique (another good friend) on 1/24/12. Monique celebrated her birthday at a Jazzercise session, I had a lot of fun and plan on doing some more Jazzercise in the future with Monique!

Me & Monique pre-sweaty

The final birthday celebration of January was Olga’s on 1/28/12. We started the night with a little wine & dessert shindig at her place and then downtown.

Me & The Birthday Girl

Olga & Ray, her love!!

Me & Amanda (Juan in the background)

Me & Juanita

Finally, Me & Claire

Thanks for hangin in there through this long post, I’m all birthday’d out for now! Me and my fellow January celebrators sure know how to bring in another year!! Warm wishes for 2012!!!


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