Fashion Fix

Saturday, Heather (sis-n-law) and I went to Le Garage. We had a fun time running around trying to take in as many shops as we could.  I enjoyed picking up a few things, while sticking to my budget(ish) but most of all, I enjoyed spending time with Heather! She inspires me in many ways and although we’ve only known each other for a few years, I feel like we’ve known each other for much longer.

With all of that said, she recognizes a passion of mine….FASHION!  I was flattered when she mentioned that I encourage/challenge her to step out of her “box” with her fashion choices. It makes me excited to know that my interest in fashion and style is recognized.

Life is too short not to foster the interests and passions we have, no matter how large or small. So in celebration of passions, this is my kick-off fashion post.

What do I find so appealing about fashion?? For one, I LOVE shopping, particularly for bargain pieces and unique finds with accessories, clothing, SHOES and home decor…etc, etc. Le Garage was the perfect combination of bargain pieces and unique finds.

Here is my bargain find from Gallery D, this cute coat. Now if only the temperatures will reflect January, I might actually get to wear it:

And my unique piece (a leather wrap bracelet) from Blue Eyed Cow Leatherworks (couldn’t find the website, this shop is located in Baton Rouge, LA):

A special THANKS to Heather Watson my sis-n-law! Visit her blog:igetitart



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2 responses to “Fashion Fix

  1. Super cute coat! I’ve worn both of the shirts you picked out for me and gotten rave reviews. Thanks! I’m so lucky to have a stylist for a sis-n-law.

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