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Dry Roasted Edamame, so good & healthy too!

I always get these at TJ Maxx, random, I know 🙂

It was the cute packaging that got me on this, “Made In Japan” Gum….

Adorable, found ’em on the “Asian” isle at HEB

Last and most tasty…..

Once again, I’m a sucker for packaging, especially itty bitty sizes and this is the perfect amount

$1 each at HEB and there are assorted flavors, this one wins in my book!

Yes, those are chunks of peanut butter…..mmmmmm

They even give you a tiny spoon…..I haven’t used one yet, I need bigger bites 😉




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Weekend photos….

We had a pretty low key weekend….grilled some food with Chris (Dave’s old roomie) on Friday…..and for the rest, lots of lounging, movie watching (Midnight in Paris, 2 stars & The Rum Diary, 3 &1/2 stars because Johnny Depp is in it) and Dave broke in his early (30th) birthday gift….How was yours??

Tried out a new (to me) restaurant with Jana, playing catch up…….I’d try it again

I had the oyster mushroom sandwich (I learned, it’s a type of mushroom:)

Lounging with the pooches

Tasty Thai Tea

Gorgeous day for a hike at Turkey Creek

Abbey made lots o friends

Me & my handsome love

Abbey had a great time…..

& lot’s of swimming!

The flowing creek made for a peaceful hike

Have a good week ahead!!

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WU, where’d you get that dress?

Have you seen any of the Jason Wu for Target collection? So adorable, with pleats, clean lines and ladylike touches…….a style that I find charming! After the Missoni for Target craze I was in no mood to fight the crowd for Wu….. so today I stopped by Target and stumbled upon a darling dress and had to have it when I saw that it was marked down from an already low price, MEGA DEAL!!….it was an online only purchase that someone returned to the store….thank you, I’ll take it!!

I love the dots, pleats and little eyelet details….I can’t wait to style this dress with some “of the moment” anklet socks 😀




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Weekend photos…..

This weekend went by so quickly. Friday, not too much to report….Saturday, my bestie Bonnie was in town on her home/apt. search for her return to Austin, coming soon 😀 We had lunch here:

So delicious…..Bonnie enjoyed her first visit to Tarka and had the chicken Biryanis with veggies and I had my usual, Tikka Masala with chicken and garlic naan……we were too busy eating and chatting to take pics. We drove around rainy Austin getting pricing and checking out apartments so Bonnie can make her decision before her big move!! So excited and can’t wait to have my best friend back in Austin 😀

Sunday was a gorgeous day outside so Dave and I took the pooches for a walk and fed the duckies at the Aboretum fountain…..poor Abbey really wanted to dive into the water and chase after the ducks!

P.S.  I made Dave tie his jacket around his waist….I was in a 90’s mood!!

Pho lunch (haaahaaa, pun intended), we tried out this new Vietnamese Restaurant for Pho…..sooooo good, we will go again to try other new dishes:

For dinner I was craving bacon, yes, bacon! So…’s what I served up, it’s quick, easy and kinda girly (says Dave) but TASTY! See my quick recipe listed below.

Avocado & Bacon Farfalle


6-8 slices bacon (chopped & browned)

2 large avocados (sliced into chunks)

2 c bowtie pasta (cooked al dente, makes 4 c)

1 c basil (picked fresh)

1/3 c scallions (chopped, quick sear)

3 cloves garlic (chopped, quick sear)

2 T lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

1 T olive oil

Fresh shredded parmesan (as much as ya like)

Fresh cracked pepper (as much as ya like)

Toss altogether and enjoy, makes about 4 servings!

How’d your weekend go??

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SoLa ~~~ A local Austin shop!


New ballet flats by “Toms”……adorable & comfy

& best of all……

They’re also available here & here

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V-Day recap

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, our Valentine’s Day was a good one! We were able to relax and enjoy our time together. Dave always says how much Valentine’s Day is such a woman’s day so I wanted to make it extra special (& also cheesy 😀 ) for him.

I wrote little love notes and posted them in various places in our apt, at Dave’s eye-level of course

I wasn’t sure what to get Dave until I remembered our plans to go fishing on the coast in March for his birthday, so…..he stumbled upon this in his truck on Valentine’s Day morning and his vote’s in…..2 thumbs UP 😀 (it’s a tackle box with some tackle)

I really enjoyed creating the love notes and surprising Dave!

OOOOOHHHH WAIT!  I almost forgot the funniest part of the surprise….so Dave recently purchased some new hiking boots and decided he wanted some different laces for them, so I found a pair for him and made a cheesy note to go with it, BUT

………Abbey (this girl)

got her paws on his laces and chewed them up 😦 we think she was jealous because she’s all “tied” up in Dave’s love and that’s the only way she wants it……but she’s so cute so we laughed it off (the laces were like 2 bucks) and we will just have to get him another pair and keep them out of her sight.

David was very sweet to me and came by my office to surprise me with a unique arrangement of flowers….not the usual rose!

We ended our V-day with a lovely antipasto spread and took some silly pics goofing around…..

thanks for stopping by to visit our blog!!-xoxo





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I love……

Being married to David Allen Watson

Our pooches, Abbey and Scarlett

My Family

Annie (niece #3)

Brandy, Janie, Gwen, Dad, J3, Ada Rose, Dave, Me, Annie & Ariel

Me, Grandma & Grandpa O.

My Alma Mater

Heart-shaped necklaces

Dave’s amazing cooking (Our Christmas Dinner)

Being silly with my lovable husband!!

Today, Valentine’s Day, our 1st married Valentine’s Day! It has been a great day that we both needed & I can’t wait to share more details soon. Although I post about so many small details of our day to day lives, LOVE is the most important thing to us and I’m so very thankful to have found someone to share LOVE with!!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day too 😀

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