Little inspirations….

Some of my most favorite things about life are “little”; the little things that inspire creativity whether it’s food, clothing, design, music, the list can go on and on and most importantly, the things that make you smile!

Here are a few “little” things that make me smile (& satisfied):

A dinner that Dave just “throws” together at a moments notice that tastes AMAZING!  I called this simple one “The 3 Little Pigs”, he prepared pork chops, bacon & chorizo as the entree. The side of white rice enhanced with fresh mushrooms was a great pairing with the pork. Last and never least, a fresh green salad!

An adorable and colorful scarf that I found (on sale) at Target, couldn’t believe they had Missoni left 😀

This delightful smelling Avocado & Mint candle (the packaging sold me) from Anthro

Some sparkly make-up from Victoria’s Secret to dress up any night on the town!

The finale of this “little” inspirations post is one of my favorite birthday gifts of the past, this “Retro Pets” framed print of an adorable Boston Terrier, a nod to my Scarlett! (Thanks Amanda):

Here’s my one and only, Scarlett:

Oh and speaking of birthdays, tomorrow is mine YAY another year wiser!

What “little” things inspire you?


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