Weekend photos….what’d you do this weekend?

Weekends go by so quickly, don’t they?  I failed to mention a few posts ago that during the holiday break I ended up with bronchitis 😦  I’m fighting the tail end of it and should (hopefully) have it beat within the next few days, dang cough and headaches. Anyway, I was determined not to let it ruin my weekend as it did parts of my winter break. Here’s a peek at what we did over our, gone in a flash weekend.

The unseasonably 75 degree weather gave us an itch to grill with friends. LOVED these veggie kabobs!

Me & Dave watching the Cotton Bowl at Collin’s:

Saturday night Dave and I went on a dinner date to celebrate his new gig, Congrats love, I’m so proud of you! Here’s some of the yummy goodness we ate at a new to us Italian place called Andiamo.

Warm cheesy bread, there were onions too, a bit overpowering:

Perfectly seared scallops:

Our refreshing salads:

I had penne pasta with Italian sausage and a creamy parmesan sauce, it was as good as it sounds:

Dave had the veal scallopini, he was disappointed in the quality of the veal 😦   :

Our delicious wine:

The finale was worth it, made from scratch desserts. Dave had the white chocolate cheesecake:

I had the tiramisu:

We plan to revisit Andiamo again sometime, overall 2 thumbs up! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!!


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