Weekend photos…highlights from the turkey break! (oops, this post is WAAAY behind, blame it on the laptop)

Hope you had Thanksgiving full of food, love, college football and lots more to be thankful for. Dave and I packed up the truck with the pooches and our niece Ariel and made our way to Lubbock last week. We had a great visit with my sister and our nieces, my brother and his grandparents (we have different dads) and of course my dad, grandparents and uncle. Our cupcakes were a hit and the feast was Delicious (our apologies for no pics we must’ve been too busy stuffing our faces).

Highlights from the turkey break:

Ada and I went on a date to see The Muppet Movie, 2 thumbs up!! “I’ve got everything that I need, right in front of me!”

Texas beat A&M 27-25 in College Station! Who knows when they will meet again, so the Longhorns get the bragging rights and Dave is one happy fan! This is for you my love:

Here are a few weekend photos:

Love the leopard nail stickers, they came in handy for traveling without chipping đŸ˜‰

The windmill farms are growing in west Texas:

We burned a red candle to put a hex on A&M and it worked!

And finally, a puppy pic…my younger brother J3 (Juan III) has a puppy named Rex and he’s sooo cute!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!


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