Best Of 2012


2012 has been many things:

From purchasing our 1st home, celebrating with family and friends, traveling, hitting our 1.5 year marriage learning curve; to eating some AMAZING food. Overall, I can’t complain, life is full of ups, downs, twists & turns….I absolutely love it & wouldn’t change mine for anything!

Have a Safe & Happy New Year as you ring in 2013!

Misty & Dave

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Almost 2 months!

Hello there! Loooooooong time no blog. Busy is an understatement to what’s been going on in our little world.

While away I’ve spent a little time reflecting on this here blog. I have so many things in my life to take seriously and I want this blog to be a little getaway from the “serious” things in life….you know marriage, work, house upkeep & remodel, etc. -LIFE!

With that being said, I don’t want to put any hard and fast rules on myself with this blog. I wanna just go with the flow, post whatever whenever. I’m not sure how often that will be but I’m sticking around :-). I hope you will too!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!


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NYC nombre deux

The food the food, it’s ALL about the food (& fashion too). There is so much amazing food in NYC, we stumbled upon the most delicious meal we had in NYC when visiting this place…


Dave loves the show Oddities and when he found out we were staying nearby we had to pop in. When we arrived they were closed for 20 minutes for filming and the woman on door watch recommended that we grab a bite at Xi’an Famous Foods and OMG I’m soooo happy we did. Mostly because now Dave cannot deny his love and desire to return to NYC, if for nothing else, this AMAZING food. They’ve gotten rave reviews from Athony Bourdain along with others. We tried two amazing dishes pictured below. The spicy hot oil seared hand-ripped noodles and our favorite dish ever, the stewed pork burger which is OMG amazing! Please do yourself and your taste buds a favor and try this place the next time you visit NYC!



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NYC part 1

Long time no see…we’re still around, just in a bit of a blogging rut & trying to keep up with time!

Since the last time here, we’ve been continuing getting settled in our home, took a vacation to one of my favorite cities & enjoying college football and the cooler temps of Oct.

NYC was awesome, this was Dave’s first time and we had so much fun. We spent some time in Brooklyn visiting old & new friends, had brunch @ Aurora , went to the Brooklyn Flea (you must go!) This was one of our favorite days of our trip. Thanks to Bethany & Jerod for showing us around & we love your amazing style!


So much more to post about NYC!

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Life Lately

OMG! Where does time go? I mean really…one minute you’re making summer plans & the next it’s ALMOST October. Geeeeeez. I can not complain though because hands down, October is my favorite month of the year!

All of that said…I’ve been missing this here blog thing and am forcing some attention this direction. It’s not that I don’t want to post, it’s that I look at the clock and it’s bed time waaay to soon after leaving work.

In between, there is owning a home and all the little projects we plan and create that receives our undivided attention ALMOST all of the time! For those of you who’ve asked and missed this little blog of ours, we say “Thank You” for reading and noticing our absence. Thank you for your patience and also for returning!

This is a little bit of our life lately…









1. Takin in some college football with some of my favorite girls! Texas Tech vs Texas State….Tech won!!

2. Chilaquiles (similar to Migas) @ High Ball w/ Brandy

3. My 1st terrarium (i didn’t create this one but I plan on it one day)….purchased @ Austin Flea from this vendor: Curious Botany

4. I planted these little guys in vintage tea cups from our wedding…perfect for the window sill….the succulents were grown in East Austin & purchased @ Whole Foods

5. Dave took this adorable photo of Abbey….Love her!

6. Chalkboard painted kitchen pantry door for love notes & menu plans!

7. Little owl knobs used on our freshly painted shutters….lovely little details

8. The Ah-mahi(zing) result of Dave’s fishing trip this past weekend…..fresh caught & cooked (by Dave!) black pepper cashew & cilantro crusted mahi-mahi topped with sautéed jalapeños, with grilled zucchini and portobello mushrooms with a light wine!

What’s going on in your busy world?

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Weekend Photos

Our Labor Day weekend looked like this:








1. Yay for college football! Both Texas Tech & Texas came out on top in their games on Saturday!! We had to pass on our free tickets to the Texas game since Dave’s back won’t cooperate 😦

Get your guns up & or horns up for the next game this Saturday!!

2. Dave started early on Monday smoking beef ribs….one of his favorite things to do.

3. Scarlett L-O-V-E-S the backyard & relaxing under the trees!

4. Getting the table top ready for dinner with Dave!

5. Chalkboard paint for a little project in our kitchen 🙂

6. Ribs on the smoker, smelling so tasty!

7. Dave did a great job as usual….love the corn too!

How was your Labor Day?

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It’s Time

It’s been a long 8 months and we’re so excited for this college football season to begin! You can feel the spirit in the air….the anticipation of watching your favorite team take the field to give us, the fans, what we’re dying to have…a WIN, one game at a time.

As we move into another football season, I have to say my emotions are in an interesting place. Since about mid-college I’ve had strong negative emotions towards the Texas Longhorns…..not sure if it’s the loud obnoxious fans (I totally know that all teams have them) or the fact that they seem to always have the cream of the crop players over my Red Raiders. These emotions have caused several ugly arguments between Dave and I & even with myself and close friends. Sometime last season, I started to realize that I need to let these negative emotions go so I can enjoy the many seasons ahead with my husband….and not allow the passion that I have for my college football team to cause a true divide in my head, heart & household.

So it’s time people. Time to enjoy the positivity that college football brings. Now, you won’t see me wearing burnt orange or hear me singing the Texas Fight song, however, I have found a tiny spot in my heart (for the love of my husband and in-laws ) for the Texas Longhorns. (Shhhh! Now don’t tell my dad…he needs to hear this from me face to face….he won’t see this bc he has no clue what a blog is).

Best of luck to the Texas Tech Red Raiders (my alma-mater) & of course to the Texas Longhorns (please keep our home a happy one!)

The only place there is a divide is here on this flag:


Happy College Football Season to all!

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Weekend Photos….

Hope you had a splendid weekend! We moved, organized, cleaned & everything else involving saying Adios to our apartment and Howdy to our first house! Yippee! Can you tell I’m excited 🙂

No yummy food pics to post this time around….but a pic or two of our lovely new dining furniture which will soon be the spot where many amazing meals are shared!!! Yay for furniture shopping….







1. All cleaned out and ready for the next apt dwellers….Bye Bye apartment….memories were made here!

2. I spent some time organizing my embarrassingly large nail polish collection….wow

3. This is our new dining set & I can’t wait to style it up!

4. Dave worked awhile getting it all set up….he loves it!

5. Ta-Da! Next up, styling and wall decor!

6. A special shout out to Starbucks for getting us through the move and this crazy season of our lives!

What did you do over the weekend?

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Who knew you could style an “ow-ee” these days….not me, until now….after applying the final coat of sealant to our stained concrete floors (it was my turn), I discovered a painful little blister that developed – OUCH. I needed a band-aid so I ran into Target and found these cute and enticingly packaged band-aids by Cynthia Rowley.



Beats the heck out of the ugly yellow ones!


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Weekend Photos….

Let the home projects begin….

1. Blended up my new favorite smoothie to get my energy flowing for a long day of painting on Saturday.

2. & 3. Kitchen & Dining room went from funky salmon color to “Shiny Luster” a cross between white and gray

4. Living area went from granny gold to “Loft Space” a cross between blue and gray

5. Scarlett decided to dig a hole looking for cool mud, I thought she’d make a cute piece of art…..*no animals were harmed during (or after) this photo shoot

6. Delightful pear & ginger scented Method hand soap in this charming designed print by Orla Kiely @ Target.

We are enjoying our home renovations for now….I’m sure it will get old soon, it’s amazing what paint can do…next up recessed lighting! (We’ll be hiring out for that one!)

Hope you had a relaxing weekend, I’m jelly!

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